A brief introduction…

Welcome @Cardcetera: your one-stop-postchard-shop. I hope you found the postcard(s) you were looking for! I started the shop officially in May 2011. The idea for an online card shop was born from my growing enthusiasm for Postcrossing. I had already discovered the gorgeous cards produced by Nouvelles Images early on. Only, I couldn’t find a store with a good selection of their cards on offer. Why not start one then?, I thought – and no sooner thought than done! I first sold postcards on sites like Ebay – but then in May 2011 I officially opened the doors to this online postcard paradise. I am running the shop mainly by myself - though I have some dear familiy and friends that come to my aid when it is really busy. 

Writing is something I love to do, and do a lot of – both professionally and privately via Postcrossing, with various penpals and on two blogs: the one for Cardcetera, but also my private blog. I’m enjoying the ongoing quest for new, original cards and introducing them to you and making beautifull postcards available all over the world. Every order is special to me – I will always do my best to wrap them in the best, most secure yet nice way possible.  Which can be a challenge, but I love a challenge every now and then. I also like looking for fun tips and facts to do with writing letters and sending cards and discussing them on our blog. If you have an idea you want to share with the readers of the blog: please contact me at any time!

I am always on the lookout for new additions. So if you are looking for something in particular and don`t see it here – a specific brand or a particular item – please let me know! I welcome all suggestions for enhancing the product range. Do keep in mind that as it is only me behind this store, doing all the work, I will not always be able to find everything or add everything I do find to the store.

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